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We would like to offer you an alternative way of travelling to destinations off the beaten track, allowing you to 



get to know new people and cultures


trek in beautiful settings


take part in festivals and cultural events



Jarmo Pikkujämsä and Staffan Martikainen are the people behind Harmattan Tours. For us, Africa is a profession and a vocation. Among other things, we are involved in the development of small enterprises and further training of craftspeople, through the Finnish Yelema association and the Aksum Coffee House in Brussels.


Staffan has been working for several years as afree-lance tour leader and guide for Finnish groups in Mali and Ethiopia. Jarmo feels very much at home in parts of Africa and the Middle East.




Go places with us!


When you are travelling with us, we are responsible for the tour programme in the destination country (including domestic air travel), accommodation and and other services. Unless otherwise stated, our tours always include full board. What makes us different from other travel agencies is that participants are expected to arrange their air travel to the destination and back. However, if needed, we will help you with the booking.


We always co-operate with experienced local tour operators. Wherever possible, we favour small locally owned hotels and restaurants. Ecological and ethical principles are key in our travel concept, and this is reflected in our destinations and choice of accommodation.


Harmattan Tours is working on a non-profit basis. Any profit from our tours will be channelled into a a school project in Senegal or training for craftspeople in Ethiopia, Mali and Burkina Faso.


Harmattan Tours is a company registered in Belgium. English is always spoken. Our groups are fairly small.




Our previous tours


Dak'Art Biennale of contemporary Art, Senegal 6-15 May 2010


Eastern Ethiopia: deserts, mountains and sacred cities

22 December 2010-4 January 2011


Dak'Art Biennale of contemporary Art, Senegal, 10-19 May 2012








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